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Happy Surfing Okinawa

Whether it’s your first time surfing or a seasoned pro, Danny at Happy Surfing Okinawa will look after you. Okinawa is a beautiful place to surf with huge amounts of different breaks and beautiful water to keep you entertained forever.

If maybe you want something a little more relaxing, Stand Up Paddle boarding is for you. Take in the beautiful coastline of Okinawa whilst paddling over the corals the reefs have to offer. SUP is a great way to spend an afternoon, or if the tides allow it, sunrise/sunset.


Dive Centre Isles

Okinawa is an island of coral reefs and with corals come beautiful fish. See the wonders that lie beneath the water. Snorkelling or diving, just make sure you jump in the water and see for yourself.

Dive Centre Isles offers private snorkelling tours, Intro Diving for first timers and Fun diving for those of you that are certified; at the blue cave as well as many other spots around the island. They also runs PADI Open Water courses in Okinawa in English if diving is something you want to take up more seriously.


Komaki Yoga

Many people comment on how relaxing the beach house is, couple that with yoga and you have the perfect combination. Komaki Ehman has been a yoga instructor for many years and understands how to teach from first time beginners to the keenest of yoga enthusiasts. Komaki runs Yoga at the beach house every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm. Please let us know if you would like to join.



Glass works, a stylish and modern glass gallery 5 minutes from the beach house. See how she’s incorporated fossils into her glass and even have a go for yourself at making your very own glass necklace or earrings.


Yomitan Pottery Village (Yachimun no sato)


Located in the hills of Yomitan, Yachimun no Sato is very quaint and very peaceful. The village is made up of many local potters workshops and galleries and is a great place to buy pottery and souvenirs.


Tourist Attractions

Onna-son is the famous beach resort area on Okinawa's Main Island and there are a lot of tourist spots.
Here is some information about some of the few places surround the Beach House

Maeda Point

Maeda Point
The most popular diving spot in Japan, Maeda Point is good for beginners to advanced divers, even just to swim or snorkel you will find it fascinating. Around the corner there is a cave called " Blue Cave " which you can swim from the point to experience the very mysterious blue surrounding you.
Maeda also has a big parking, facility with shower, toilet, dining area, rental snorkels and fins. You might want to bring some 100yen coins for shower and parking. You can also walk to some small beaches from the parking.



It is a famous sceanic point, a huge cliff known as " An Elephant Nose " is something you must see, especially at the sunset. " Manza-mou " stands for " A Field which can hold millions of people " , it is named by the king who visited here and praised the size of the field.

Zanpa Point

Zanpa Point
High cliff of sekkaigann for 2 km long makes a spectacular scenery. The waves could get very high as the name spells " The waves which stay in the air " , there is a big rock which was carried by a big typhoon wave to the top of the cliff. The view from the top of the light house is fantastic. The beacon goes around at night and the illumination of the light and the stars is very romantic.


Ryukyu Mura
A theme park where you can experience the good old times of Ryukyu ( Okinawa used to be a kingdom called Ryukyu ). As you walk around the park you'll see Okinawan culture, nature and talents which is carried for generations. They have a parade everyday which amuses tourists.



Onna no Eki
It is like a big road house where you can buy local vegetables, flowers, fish, awamori, and all kinds of Okinawan food and souvenirs which is busy with activities by locals and tourists. The 2nd floor has a bakery, The sea on the other side of the road is very blue and you might stop and look for a while.


forest adventure

Forest Adventure
It is located in the mountains of Shioya in Onna, it is an adventurous field athletic course, you and your family will have a great time!


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